Ankush Rajabhoj
Senior Software Development Engineer
  • Programming Language:
    Java, C, Swift, Objective-C, Python
  • Databases:
    MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Frontend:
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular,iOS Development, Android
  • Backend technologies:
    J2EE, Spring Framework, Docker, Hibernate, REST API, Message Queue
  • Other:
    Algorithms, Data Structures, OOP, Software Design
Work Experience: 6.5+ years
CleverTap (3 Year May-21 -> current) : Core-App / Journey Orchestration / Automation
  • Developed the Journey Cross Node Personalization feature, which increases event personalizable nodes by 40%.
  • Developed a journey debugger framework that cuts the time it takes to answer customer statistics-related queries by 50%.
  • Created, and enhanced various features such as IntelliNode, best time and user timezone engagement delivery, push enhancement, journey profile update enhancement, and campaign & journey report generation.
  • Enhanced and maintained large-scale analytics and engagement platform that is capable of ingesting 1 billion + of requests and delivering 1 billion + of notifications per hour.
  • Undertook peer code review and influenced various architecture designs during feature development and enhancement.
  • Handled and mentored others for L2 and L3 customer support by debugging and solving the customers' queries and reported bugs.
Raja Software Labs (2 Year March-19 -> Feb-21)
  • Designed, developed, and delivered new features for iOS mobile apps that are in the top charts of the app store, such as LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet, & Google Hangouts.
  • Managed and guided the development team for all offshore LinkedIn Group pillars for the LinkedIn iOS app, resulting in a 100% increase in daily active users.
BNY Mellon Technology(1+ Year June-17 -> Aug-18)
  • Developed and deployed a prototype application from the ground up that harmonised the data ingestion pipeline from various sources and displayed its daily activity in the UI dashboard (website), During the first fiscal year, approximately 180 million dollars in securities were managed.
  • Migrated 50% of the application from monolithic architecture to microservices, reducing the service downtime by 20%.
  • Enhanced the test-writing process by collaborating with the entire team in a test-driven development (TDD) environment.
Freelancing (1+ year), personal projects, and other work
  • Revamped dynamic programming algorithms to leverage lightweight multithreaded GPUs and increase performance by up to 2100% in real-world simulations, resulting in faster processing times and higher throughput.
  • Spearheaded the development and implementation of a mobile application and website for managing online orders, resulting in a 50% reduction in manual effort and streamlining the ordering process for customers.
  • Worked as a backend developer in the LendIn Product team (Kuliza Technologies Mar-21 -> May21).
  • Designed, and developed a physical prototype and application (IOT) to manage and monitor electronic devices, resulting in a 20% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Secured the 15th position in the International Mathematics Olympiad 2013 (India).